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Yards. If you’re reading this, you have at least one. And since the pandemic, you’re probably using it more than ever. In today’s unpredictable world, our little patches of green are one of the few things we can count on.

But yards are hard. They take work. When we get them right, they maximize quality time outdoors with those we love. Our yards are extensions of us.


We’re driven to innovate past mosquitos. Proudly independent, we’ve developed proprietary technology and training procedures that wall mosquitos out with precise treatment, combining eco-sensitive protection with lasting control.

For ten years, we’ve helped families get their yards back—tens of thousands of successful treatments for thousands of yards just like yours. We’re obsessed with results, which is why our End-to-End Yard Diagnostic™ targets both mosquitoes and the causes of mosquito infestation, like pools of water and rain gutters. And of course why we offer the 21 Day Yard Guard Guarantee™ with every single service.

We go the distance for your family because we know the good life isn’t measured in inches. It’s measured in yards


We started with Good Service like a Friend.

We strive for the utmost customer satisfaction. We look forward to lighting up peoples’ faces in a way competitors cannot.

Mosquito Victory

Most Popular Questions

We get rid of your mosquitoes. Our recurring treatment program means no mosquitos in your yards and outdoor areas all summer long. We come out to treat your yard roughly every three weeks throughout mosquito season, from mid-April to late September/early October.

Yes, but we cannot offer our Yard Guard Guarantee™for ticks. That’s because we cannot control individual animals carrying ticks into your yard in between treatments. However, we are able to help eliminate them from your yard when we come out every 21 days.

About 25-30% of our customers use us for tick control and keep coming back. If you’re
concerned with ticks, let us know and we’ll modify our End-to-End Yard Diagnostic™and
treatment protocol to target ticks too.

Our eco-sensitive treatment eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact and creates a barrier that walls mosquitos out while keeping treatment in. To make a long story short: if a mosquito lands on a surface we’ve treated, it dies on contact.

Unequivocally yes. As you can imagine, we get this question a lot.  A majority of our customers have children, grandchildren, or pets. Over ten years we have explored and researched every aspect of our active ingredient and treatment protocol. Put very simply, the active ingredient—Bifenthrin (Pronounced: BYE – FEN – THRIN)—is only effective for mosquitos at our treatment rate because they weigh literally 80 million times less than us.

Our active ingredient is similar to the one used in pet shampoo and lice shampoo for children. Our customers have never experienced a health incident of any kind with any of our treatments.

Mosquito Victory is a firm believer in Integrated Pest Management philosophies.  In some instances, it’s better to use practical, non-pesticide methods of control such as simply tipping over buckets, bottles, or other sources of water that harbor mosquito larvae.  We believe strongly in protecting water and never treat water sources with registered pesticides. This is a cornerstone of our eco-sensitive approach.

To be absolutely certain, we ask that you keep pets and children out of the treatment area during the application, and allow about 20 minutes for the product to dry before going back outside. Again, we have never experienced a health incident of any kind.

Our customers do not see mosquitos after treatments, but they do see bees. We are bee-
friendly and do not treat any areas that are sources of pollination. This includes flowering
plants/trees, fruit bearing bushes/trees or gardens. In fact, we treat the yards of many

Yes, but we strongly advise against it. If you do go this path, we don’t offer our Yard Guard Guarantee™.

The reason we treat every three weeks is because it corresponds with the mosquito life cycle. The reason we’re the best is because we don’t just kill mosquitos, we stay ahead of their breeding cycles in the sensitive areas of your yard, areas that we’ve learned to target over a decade of research and experience.

If you do just one treatment, there’s no guarantee that it will be effective at all.

For special events, we recommend having at least two treatments prior to the party spaced out by at least one week. The final treatment will be scheduled as close to the event day as possible. We cannot guarantee results for special event treatments, as they do not follow the treatment protocol.

If you discover mosquitos in your yard between treatments, we come back to treat your yard again at no extra cost.

Mosquito Victory is known as the leader in mosquito treatment because we’ve been at it for over ten years, since before any of the large corporations got involved with “lowest bidder” treatments that only treat the problem, not the cause. We’re an independent shop driven to achieve excellence in what we do. For that reason, we’ve developed a proprietary technique that identifies and targets not just adult mosquitos themselves, but the causes and accelerants of mosquito infestation unique to your outdoors, like pools of water, rain gutters, and natural hideouts that other companies miss. 

We call this proprietary technique the End-to-End Yard Diagnostic™.

This can depend on the environmental factors specific to your yard. However, you should see an immediate reduction in the mosquito population within 24 hours of your first treatment. If after 24 hours, you are still experiencing mosquitoes please contact us so we can help!

We service hundreds of customers along the Cicero Swamp with amazing results. Pond/swamps usually have their own ecosystem that will take care of any mosquito larvae. For example, frogs/fish/dragonflies will eat mosquito larvae. We get rid of the adults, and our barrier application prevents mosquitoes from entering your yard from neighboring properties.

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